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Peter Crean

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What is Web 2.0? It's not software or a new web browser. Rather it's an idea that the web used to be (what's now called Web 1.0) marketers communicating to consumers. They simply read and responded to what was being put out there by marketers. Web 2.0 though is more interactive where these consumers become more like participants adding reviews about products, blogging, tweeting and so forth about you and your business. Web 2.0 is "We own the Internet. Play by our rules, or suffer the consequences". Web 1.0 was for consumers and Web 2.0 is for participants...those who create and add to information, not just read what others say. So how do you get on the Web 2.0. Well, you're already on it whether you're harnessing it's power or not. People are most likely already blogging about you for example. So how do you harness it's power? Blogs, micro-blogs, wiki's, message boar... (more)

Who the Heck Is Your Social Media Prospect?

The most important part of marketing is the same no matter what product or service you're selling and no matter what medium you're using to sell that product/service. It's to 'Define Your Prospect'. Who are they? What do they do? What are they doing right now? What are there habits? Dig, dig, dig. The more you can define them and even connect with who they are and where they're at right now in their lives the easier it is to market to them. It makes it easier to decide what medium you should us, where you should advertise on that medium, what time of day and so much more. My ma... (more)

Bing vs Google: Microsoft Gets Serious About Search

Even my 90 year old Grand Mother is aware that Microsoft have dominated software products. But where have they been in search? Microsoft Live Search handled about 9 or 10% of searches but that pales in comparison to Googles 60% and Yahoo! at over 20% of searches. But perhaps now, finally, Microsoft is getting serious about search with Bing. Bing is a stark home page focusing solely on search, as Google does, and not a larger portal style home page like Yahoo! Many thought this might not be the case as they could easily have built a portal, but many are excited by the bold move t... (more)

Small Business PPC

The search engines such as Google and Yahoo! provide millions of potential customers every year for most industries. Taking advantage of this is a must for any budding online business. But what if you just service a small local area? Can the search engines be of advantage to you? Of course they can. And a great way to take advantage of that is Paid Placements or Pay Per Click advertising. This way of using Pay Per Click ads below guarantees no wasted clicks and no wasted money. Just the people you’re wanting to see your ad and website, in just the right area. Here’s how to do it: 1... (more)

Get To The Top of Google in Five Easy Steps

Here's the five steps the pro's take: 1. Choose your keywords 2. Make sure you're in the search engines index 3. Get Ranked 4. Get clicked 5. Convert on your site 1. Choose you keywords You've chosen or know your target market, now you have to get inside their heads and think about the types of keywords they might type in to a search to find your product/service. Remember, there are several stages in the searchers path to a sale. They may start with trying to find some information on the subject, then once they know a bit more they may move into a mind set of trying to find the... (more)