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Peter Crean

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Here's the five steps the pro's take: 1. Choose your keywords 2. Make sure you're in the search engines index 3. Get Ranked 4. Get clicked 5. Convert on your site 1. Choose you keywords You've chosen or know your target market, now you have to get inside their heads and think about the types of keywords they might type in to a search to find your product/service. Remember, there are several stages in the searchers path to a sale. They may start with trying to find some information on the subject, then once they know a bit more they may move into a mind set of trying to find the best deal on the category they've decided on, then they may move into a buying mind set. What words would your target use when they're looking for information in your field, what about when they're looking to choose between providers? Do you have a specific model no: or something they may ... (more)

Bing vs Google: Microsoft Gets Serious About Search

Even my 90 year old Grand Mother is aware that Microsoft have dominated software products. But where have they been in search? Microsoft Live Search handled about 9 or 10% of searches but that pales in comparison to Googles 60% and Yahoo! at over 20% of searches. But perhaps now, finally, Microsoft is getting serious about search with Bing. Bing is a stark home page focusing solely on search, as Google does, and not a larger portal style home page like Yahoo! Many thought this might not be the case as they could easily have built a portal, but many are excited by the bold move t... (more)

Run into Traffic Without Hurting Yourself

Small business websites get uploaded to the Internet everyday with hope in the owner's heart, it sits there doing nothing, then it's forgotten about. "Ah, the Internet does nothing for businesses like mine. Not my industry." Well would you open up a retail store in a back alley in the outer suburbs where no one ever goes and hope for people to come by without any advertising? Probably not. You'd try and open it in a place where there was foot traffic going by, that's why shopping malls are built. Or you'd at least build word of mouth in your industry, or do something, anything oth... (more)

Web 2.0, You're Already There

What is Web 2.0? It's not software or a new web browser. Rather it's an idea that the web used to be (what's now called Web 1.0) marketers communicating to consumers. They simply read and responded to what was being put out there by marketers. Web 2.0 though is more interactive where these consumers become more like participants adding reviews about products, blogging, tweeting and so forth about you and your business. Web 2.0 is "We own the Internet. Play by our rules, or suffer the consequences". Web 1.0 was for consumers and Web 2.0 is for participants...those who create and... (more)

Internet Marketing Is Just Marketing

Internet marketing, web marketing, web 2.0, social media, youtube, twitting, SEM, SEO, PPC...what the? Most people can see that the internet would be, or could be, a great place to market their products or services but it can all get a little confusing. There’s a new technology out every other day. How do you use it all to promote and sell your businesses products/services? Is it even worth it? Well it certainly can be worth it if done correctly. We all know that the young men behind technologies like Facebook have made millions upon millions, and that big businesses like Chrysler ... (more)