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Run into Traffic Without Hurting Yourself

How to get visitors to your website

Small business websites get uploaded to the Internet everyday with hope in the owner's heart, it sits there doing nothing, then it's forgotten about. "Ah, the Internet does nothing for businesses like mine. Not my industry."

Well would you open up a retail store in a back alley in the outer suburbs where no one ever goes and hope for people to come by without any advertising? Probably not. You'd try and open it in a place where there was foot traffic going by, that's why shopping malls are built. Or you'd at least build word of mouth in your industry, or do something, anything other than open up.

You need foot traffic in a retail store, a lot of it. You need eye traffic in a law firm, as well as 'ear traffic' (word of mouth). You need a lot of it. One retailer I work with was excited that he got 100 hits a week on his website (before he started with me). You need 200,000, 500,000/month.

Raise your bar. Run into traffic.

Most websites 'open for business' and put a few keywords in the title and tags and think that's SEO so at least a few people will come by. That's just not good enough.

You need a lead source, you need to run into traffic. How is this done?

I'm so glad you asked. But of course I'm not going to tell you all :) Here are a two secrets though:

1. Find your secret lead source.
Every business should try and find one. Offline and online. Other businesses may be using the same lead source but it should be a vein that runs so deep and is so rich that wont matter. It's not having a great product/service that matters really...it's having people to sell it to that makes a business.

No more will be said on this matter. For more info you'll just have to engage us...HaydnsWeb.

2. Choose keywords at different buying stages.
The keywords 'golf, 'security alarm' etc etc as we should all know by now are very hard to compete in and unless you can compete with these guys offline, I wouldn't try online. So, what keywords do you go for. Research the heck out of it and think like your potential client/customer at different stages along their thought process for buying your product/service.

From their initial thought of it, through their research of the area, then of different providers, through buying, through service, through replacement. What are they doing, thinking, typing?

We can do all this for you of course...HaydnsWeb.

The key point I'm trying to make in this ramble is that you have to raise the bar for your website traffic goals. Its easily achieved with a few tricks. A website just sitting out there in cyberspace is like an accounting firm opening up in the middle of the desert in a tin shed. About as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike.

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I am a 33 year old Internet marketing professional with a specialty in assisting small businesses. I have over 10 years experience in Internet marketing and have worked in offline advertising and marketing as a writer and later an account manager working on some of the largest companies in the world.